Best 7 Ways To Speed Up Your Google Chrome Browser on 2023

Best 7 ways to speed up your Google Chrome browser, when this tutorial I’m going to show you how to speed up your Google Chrome browse.

Google Chrome browser

But I was in fast is the best way of reducing the cost and it deserves your internet data when you’re using data plan.

These ways can be able to browse fast even when other browsers like Microsoft brave, UC browser or Opera mini.

Google chrome is one of the most used browser all over the world and it is apart from Google so it’s a very simple and easy to use.

If you are studying or doing your business when internet, and you are searching for a faster browser you are on the right place.

I recommend you to use Google Chrome browser is the one of the first browser around the globe.

There is no need to download Google Chrome browser when you are using a mobile device mostly you already find Google Chrome browser in your device.

When you are using a desktop PC you can download Google Chrome browser from the trusted sources.

You download and install into your PC nothing with the more process you can take from the.

If when you have anything questions or problems please let me know I will get back to you soon as possible with your best reply.

No I’m going through seven ways of how to make your Google Chrome browser so fast when you’re browsing on internet to bring best results.

7 ways to speed up your Google Chrome browser For Free 2023

Now I’m going to give you seven ways to speed of you Google Chrome browser for free nothing to be paid or even subscription.

It is the best ocean to install the first browser Google Chrome browser into device even PC or mobile device.

Yeah yeah some move seven ways of  speed up your Google Chrome browser, scroll down to the blow paragraphs.

7 Ways Of Speed Up Google Chrome Browser.

I’m not going to give you this thing in order I’m just listening to ways of speeding up your browser when you’re using Google Chrome:

1 Remove Web Apps

You must still move web apps from your brows that is another we will speeding up your brother when you’re on internet.

How to remove your browser on internet call your brother and type chrome//apps, now it open right click on any apps then remove the apps.

This can reduce multifunction of apps on browser, its stop to work and increase the speed.

2 Updating Your Browser To New version of Google Chrome Browser

Is technology growing around the globe internet is coming so hot everyone is using Wi-Fi institute data plan.

Each and every time new version of application is being introduced so you must move with them by upgrading your applications.

So the another way of speeding up Google Chrome browser is to update your brows so that it move the time.

Updating the application it’s about adding a feature on that application and become usable and friendly to it’s users.

Sometimes the ring force the security features, so that the protect their users that wrong unwanted users hackers.

To speed up your brother it is very simple process there’s not required any skill computer programming skills or any language skills.

Upgrading of you browser it can add speed to your browser and it can give more security from the internet so it’s the best thing to do when we have a device especially on internet.

You need to check always that the browser you are using is it updated or not so these are the way you can check your browser.

You can check or follow the following steps from below:

No check please click only three dots which is far top bright of your browser, when that you have to choose the help and type Google Chrome browser.

3 Disabling Extensions That You Not Using Frequently

Mostly when you’re using Google Chrome browser you can it’s too extension that I hope you and the functions.

Some of the extensions give a period of using it so when you don’t need or use it frequently you need to delete or to remove the extension from the browser.

The main reason of doing this is because they can reduce the speed of the browser and some of them they work on background.

You must know that when you are using Google Chrome browser it does not limit you the number of Extinction that you can use to in your browser.

Now depends on you how would you use the extensions so you can group them or remove what you use it in time and leave that you use frequently.

You should make sure that we have deleted all the extensions that we are not using frequently.

You may say how, on below I’m going to show you how to delete your extensions from your browser:

  1. Press on option
  2. Go on more tools
  3. Select Extensions
  4. Now select and delete unwanted extensions

4 Set Up Auto-delete On Google Chrome Browser

When you’re with me to Google Chrome you need to delete your data so that you can increase the speed of you browser.

You can’t do this time to time and deleting your data from the brows you need to set go to delete from a certain period from your browser.

Into you can’t get out this manual because sometimes you go this like we have students so the best way is to sit or to delete on your Google Chrome browser.

This setup does not need any experience or any computer programming so that you can sit go to delete.

Know when this is cool I’m going to give you how you said to delete when your browser it’s very simple and fast to sit to delete on Google Chrome browser.

It’s going to be different with structure or how developers they develop these brothers the procedure is the same one other browsers.

  1. Select options
  2. Press settings
  3. Click on manage your Google account
  4. Press on manage your data and privacy
  5. Select on web and app activity
  6. Scroll until you find auto delete

When you find auto delete you can now set your Google Chrome browser to delete your data from Google search for my Google Play Store and the Google maps or even from other sections of Google.

You can give time frame on how long could your stay, when the data is overdue it automatically deleted it may be 18 or 36 months.

When you are talking about that it includes what types of data it can be voice it can be videos it can be that apps, so it’s over all the data.

5 Clear Your Browsing Data on Chrome browser 

When you open Google Chrome browser and start to browse it collects all the data from the web page you were searching for.

When it became accumulated it caused the browser to slow down the speed of browsing.

When this happen you need to delete that data so let me show you how you delete your browsing data, it’s a very easy and simple steps to take.

  1. Press on options
  2. Choose more tools
  3. Select clear browser data

You can select the period of which you’re sitting history to be cleared and it cannot be done automatically you should do this in a space term of 2 weeks or more depending with your computer.

6 Make webpages open faster with prefech

This can be also called Prerendering, it is the one of the best features that can allow Google Chrome browser uses to load a web page faster.

Because is a feature it’s free and you can find it from Google Chrome browser so how to change this feature on do as follows.

  1. Go Chrome://settings/cookies
  2. Now go and turn preload pages for faster browsing and search

Nothing more to be add, if if you have any question or are you lost or you’re not understanding from or above on this tutorial please let me know.

7 Suspend Your Tabs

Opening of two main tabs when you’re working on Google Chrome browser and it doing you assignment or even searching on the internet it really causes a problems.

This can cause to slow down your browser so you need to keep a small number of tabs so that you can maintain the speed of your browser.

I know there is a certain struggle that you can face but there is some extension that you can use to help you with this like Tab Suspender it it is so good when suspending the tabs.

Then this can you help you take care of your tabs police you’re doing you assignments and keeping the brothers and their speed, also it can free up or boost your  memory.

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