The Latest Droid VPN High Speed Settings 2023

Latest Droid VPN High Speed Settings 2023

The latest Droid VPN Settings  that you should consider to use in 2023 this is one of the best use to use in town.

Because of growing up technology around world, the VPNs are mostly used around the world Nations or countries.

The latest in droid VPN settings this can be used in any nation around the globe, it’s only you can change the settings according to your network in your country.

If you’re not understanding or getting the best latest Droid VPN settings for any nation please let me know, I will help you to find solution.

Settings does not need any computer skill or programming language it’s speaking group and you get connected to internet using free data.

The latest Droid VPN  settings this is the super fast Droid VPN settings in town please get connected and enjoy browsing.

Hoping that to you it worked perfectly because through the Philippine settings I’m giving you it work perfectly of 90% of Nations.

As you know that there’s some challenges that you can face on configuring droid vpn Settings.

As l metion above this latest Droid vpn high speed does not require in technical skills configure.

So on this article I’m going to go step by step on how to configure the latest trophy being settings.

If you are a beginner or it’s your first time to use the droidvpn I will show you step by step on how to configure and get free internet.

There is not all people they get the right configuration steps so the end up failing to connect or to configure the VPN setting.

If you have been using this Droid for being settings status clear up data and start is your new because this is updated settings.

To avoid and confusion please take it step by step which I have listed below make sure you grab every information.

Please don’t configure droid VPN settings maybe is you do last time because there is some changes on configuration.

It’s always free when you are creating the Droid VPN account and it is a limitation of 300 MB per 24 hour.

Droid VPN settings for free  2023

On droid vpn settings you need to create Droid vpn account for free VPN account to unlimited connectivity.

This account when you activate it give 200 megabytes for free and 100 megabytes that you activate it on your account.

You going to how could you create droid vpn account for free and take each step by step and get connected to free internet.

Create a Droid VPN Account:-

This settings needed to activate your account first all to have access of use of the droid VPN settings.

If your are using driod VPN settings for first now ,lets create droid VPN account to get her step by step.

When you already have droid VPN account for free you can go further to droid VPN settings to configure your settings.

How to activate Droid VPN Account?

When you done all the process of creating your account you have login, you have to activate your free account.

When creating your account you use email, now need to verify your account using your email used when you’re creating account.

Is like verifying your ownership of your sign up email to avoid lose of data or information.

To confirm your account first is very important, do that open your used email to create account.

You will find an email that from click the link and it direct to your account.

Login and activate your extra 100 MM it’s an additional to your 200 MB and it add up to 300 MB.

TCP and HTTP Settings for Droid VPN

Go on settings your droid VPN APK and select settings, first you need to click three lines on far left on top.

Select o TCP and HTTP, configure TCP ports as shown down:-

Remote TCP port 443

Local TCP port 1080/8080/1111

Now you should locate the HTTP headers and TCP, they should be turned on to proceed.

On HTTP headers you should set as follows as shown below


Then on extra headers you should tick the following:

  • User Agent
  • Keep live
  • Online host

Click on generate ,validate and save on bottom of that page.

Droid  VPN Connection Settings

With this settings you need to locate where is VPN connection settings.

Now take this steps seriously , once you find it tick the first four sections only, left other options not ticked.

Go to Manu page and click start , click start button., Sometimes it doesn’t connect first keep click to be  connected.

Other trick is that when is not getting connected let you can change the server or put on random selecting severs.

Keep on pressing the start button until you get connected you high speed droid vpn.

If you tried the above and found that non of above you can proceed with other settings.

High speed Droid VPN Connection Trick.

Am going to share with you some tricks on droid vpn settings that can increase your level of connectivity on droid settings.

This tricks are very useful to those are on hard time to connect to droid vpn unlimited settings.

Be in mind that if you want to use droid VPN settings must make sure you have strong network, like using 4G  or 5G network.

This settings yes need sim card to connect but without any data plan in side, you data plan on droid free account.

You can turn on your airplane mode it done because you want to clear your cache and forcing it to stop.

When you open Driod VPN application, now you can switch off the airplane mode.

Use the sever 7 free when your connection is restored, press start button to connect to internet for free.

You continue pressing Start frequently, when it say https not connected failed press again.

Pres again and until saying connecting https……………., You shou stop immediately.

Go on and on until you get connected to high speed droid vpn settings for Netone 2022.

It shows that this way of trick is worked so well keep clicking start button to connect.

Now does not take much of your time its depending on your mobile network response time.


Hope get best of your information from this article.

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