How To Make Money On YouTube Free 2023

How To make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube in 2023 he’s one of the best way of making money or any revenue to your salary.

Mickey mouse on YouTube is easiest way and simple by uploading content on YouTube and generate millions views on the period.

Content creators they use many ways to make money on YouTube so that they can add revenue I’m going to show you other method that connected used to make more revenue on YouTube.

Money takes is she is the other way of making money on YouTube that many content creator used to make money on YouTube.

More on that advertising is one of the major aspects to make money on YouTube that you can get sponsorships or fundraising and being a merchandiser.

So you need to create YouTube account so that you can make money on YouTube it is very simple and it is process to create a YouTube account.

You have to create a Gmail account it is very easy again process to credit to my account when you keep on this side you will show you how to create Google Gmail account.

Major Things To Take Note Of To Make Money On YouTube

Making money on YouTube there is something that you might consider that is Major on making money on YouTube.

I’m willing to give you some more things done you can take note of it before receiving any amount of money from YouTube.

These things are very important because It’s a grand to the excess to the YouTube partner program and other affiliate method that make you any more revenue on YouTube.

Making money on YouTube is very simple and easy method justify uploading videos which are your own content.

Using other people’s content it can make you strike on YouTube, when you choose strike you three times your channel became burnned from YouTube.

If YouTube ban you YouTube movie you from YouTube cutting a program and other method monetization programs.

To make money on YouTube you have to create your own channel by opening YouTube application and usually Gmail account.

I don’t need you thing on making money on YouTube is to be part of me YouTube partner party program. So you need to eat Joy this method so that you can any amount of money from YouTube.

To be part of YouTube partner program you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers as well as 4000 watching hours and 10,000 video shorts views.

You should take note of that the accumulated short videos watching hours are not counted on 4,000 which an hour, these hours are only for long videos.

When you meet 1000 subscribers in the Ada 4000 watching hours or 10000 views of video shorts you can be monetized between the two.

Ways Of Making Money On YouTube 2023

I’m going to give you  ways of little money on YouTube that’s Miss Connecticut earn or any revenue themselves.

These are some of them you can go on searching they are many ways of making on YouTube.

From below I’m going to give you some of metal that you can use to make money on YouTube.

Fan Funding: Making Money On YouTube

Besides all above this is the other way to to make money on YouTube, its dine through channel membership it’s the most used monetization method by YouTubers.

Gateway follows me Anthony payment for exchangeable bonus content such as emoji, special videos, live chats and etc.

To enable this feature on YouTube channel you need to accumulate at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel advantages to have more views.

Third party service that can help you monetize on their fan  base via monthly membership payments.

You can more $50 000 per month if your YouTube channel is well organized and using your on content.

Making Money On YouTube Using Google Ads

Above all this is the best way of making money on YouTube most people back there crazy for this Google ads.

Before doing anything you need it to monetize through YouTube partner program so that you start to gain a revenue from your videos.

Yes to join YouTube partner program so that it give you access to eat special tools and you get chance of meditate this year hopefully YouTube videos.

By using Google ads for making money on YouTube you need to join with you but not program to join this at least you must have the following the requirements so that they Grant you access to the monetization.

You must have at least 1,000 subscribers or above and 4,000 watching hours on your long videos and 10 million views on your video shorts.

Don’t forget that the watching hours of the video shorts and not counted on the long videos.

How much Earn on Google ads Making Money On YouTuber?

Making Money On YouTube

YouTuber they earning own it’s share from Google ads, content Creator they are getting almost about 45 percent , when it’s ads videos are viewed.

Apart from that Google is taking its own share it’s about 50 percent or 55 percent from heads. So they are sharing from the ads.

There is high  chance of making money on YouTube and you can earn from YouTube when your videos ads are  viewed.

Chance of making $0 on YouTube is so very high, it’s when your videos with ads viewed.

You need to  rank your videos by using YouTube studios , vdiq and t other tools so that your video can be ranked on the top on YouTube.

Above all you should follow YouTube policies or guideline, when you fail to follow the policies you will distracted by YouTube and the band from YouTube partner programs.

Making Money On YouTube Using Merchandise Sales

On YouTube as YouTuber you have ability to sell almost 12 items to your followers. You can sale anything to your subscribers to get support from them.

To enable this you need to go to account and enable this feature so that you can exit of selling your product your own followers.

If you have any question on how to make money on YouTube or other question how to make money online please let know.

Using Affiliate Marketing To Make Money On YouTube

This method does not need any YouTuber partner program or any approval to make money on YouTube it is very easy and simple method.

To being affiliate marketer it’s where by you being agent between the customer and the seller only.

It’s where by you sell manufacturing products on the behalf of him/her on the basis of getting commission after sale of the products.

How to make money on YouTube by affiliate program

There is companies like Amazon or Click Bank etc they have affiliate program on their programs.

So you need to register you affiliate program with this companies and after registration we get the links so that you can sell your products.

On registration process they require you where you want to get traffic or selling your products for where you can put your links, by that time you use your YouTube channel is your traffic source.

Now you create the content or the video that goes online with the product that you are selling and on your description you put your product link where the customer they can find the products.

When any customer click the link and buy the product within 30 days and when the guest room click the link in the buy other products you in percentage of commission from your affiliate program.

You should take note of that not over there good same commission right different for them for different commissioner right I value for that like cars laptops they’ve got it on commission right as you go down.

Making Money On YouTube By Brand ambassador.

This is the other way of making money on YouTube where you been  a brand ambassador selling products or advertising products on the behalf of  company.

This monthly work when you have more than 10,000 followers yon YouTube and you have a high engagement on your video.

Easy legging day rating customers for showing customers how to use the product and how to get the product as well.

And this is best on commission again when the comment sells is increased from the day you became the ambassador we get more commission on that so you need to create more videos on your YouTube channel.

And it’s mostly useful to those we use live video chat on YouTube so that he or she can get a high engagement YouTube.

You you can also look on this areas when you meet more information on free internet, follow the links below.

And look after for our net article how to withdraw your form your YouTube account and how they pay you.


If you’re doing nothing but we’re doing a less paid job and you want to eat revenue or to add your wage.

You need to go for YouTube online, YouTube is one of the best way of making money on online.

What this article if you always online revenue making and you have good ideas how to make money on YouTube.

Keeping you any question of phone YouTube or make me money online please let us know is the team you can bring the best results to you.

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