How To Download Android Apps For free?

On this article am going through tips and tricks of how to download Android apps for free and step by step.

The only safe place to download Android APK is to download from Google stores.

Although there is other alternatives methods that’s can be used to download Android apps, but some this methods are not 100 percent safe for you.

You should put in mind that there is lots of phishers that want your data, Growing of technology in globe it increases more hackers on other side.

when you buy new Android phone it contains basic APK that’s perform different work on that phone.

Yes it’s like that but in life you need more apps that perform more on your life, like in some of phones you can’t find social platforms .

You need to add games may be , so you need to download it in your phone.

Don’t worry, you want to know how to download apps for your Android phone. On this article we are going through step by step on how to download Android apps using Google Play store.

on other hand we go through other methods that you can use to download Android apps into your phone.

Download Android  APK Using Google Play Store

As l say from above Google play store is the one safe place to download apps for Android for free.

No got to Google play store an open it, you can browse apps from the home page or you can go to search bar and enter the name of app you want download and tap search.

Using Google Play store to download apps for Android its very easy, You will find installed applications in Android device when you buy it, Don’t download Google play store its already installed by Google coloured triangle with white background.

when you click on the icon it direct you to the Google play store manu, where you find few apps on the manu page.

When you go to the bottom of the manu page you find categorized icon that separate the apps, like games , Apps, movies etc.

You can tap on the icon on bottom when you are not getting the app you want you can go to search bar on top and search by name if app.

when you click on top of the app it open and tap on install green button and it starts to download.

As downloading with google play store its automatically download and install the app no other process need there after.

On Google play store not all apps are free to download few of them cost you money to download and using it.

when you want it there’s way if using Google gifts card , note this must not credited or debited to us it.

When you are new on Google play store you know nothing you can use FOR YOU options that you can find most mot popular apps and you can choose from there.

In this page are the most downloaded apps.

Can  You Only Find Android Apps  On Google Play Store?

On other times its most best safe place to find Android apps that suite your phone and they always updated apps.

But they us other ways and other places where you can find Android apps.

On other hand its important because new brands of Huawi sold with company’s own app gallery due to American government banned Google and American company to work With Huawi and its sub brands.

And there’s Amazon Fire tablet range which has a customised version of Android.

Now Amazon use it’s app store to provide its customers Android apps from its store.

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