How To Delete WhatsApp Account Permanently

Are you being tired of abuse on WhatsApp platform? now am going to show you how to delete totally your WhatsApp account.

This are simple steps to take and doesn’t require any skill to do, and you became free on it.

When It’s Done, It’s Done.

On this article am going to show you how delete your WhatsApp account totally , but your should be warned that this process it’s irreversible.

One you start the process to the end it’s done it’s done no going back again, that account has deleted for life.

Once you delete your WhatsApp account, WhatsApp never save any backups for your account.

All your chats message became deleted from WhatsApp servers, if you change your mind no where to find your chats again.

The only way that can save you if you have changed your mind after deletion of account is to save your chats to saving methods.

You can save all your chats messages, photos an videos on Google drive for free.

Also you can save text chats, photos and videos in external hard drives or using USB flash , or DVDs.

It depends on you why you want to delete your WhatsApp account but it’s better to delete the app thun account, when you want to turn back you just install the and roll on again.

Before deleting the APK you need to run the backup process before you start your process.

if want to go for Whatsapp again download the app again and restore your back up data , start are fresh again.

Go and check your WhatsApp guide on how to backup and restore quickly and easy way.

Deleting WhatsApp Account On  Android.

May be you are using Android iOS, you want to delete your account, now am going to show you step by step how to delete your WhatsApp account on Android iOS.

First open your your WhatsApp , now tap on on there dots on far top right corner of your page.

Then click on settings, go on tap account, you shall see Delete my account. now as shown on screen shot below.


WhatsApp give you two options to change your number or to delete you account think twice before you take action.

When you choose to delete your account you to put your country code and your phone number, then tape on delete account.

Now your WhatsApp account have gone forever and ever.

How To Delete WhatsApp Account  iPHONE.

There’s no the difference between deleting WhatsApp account on Android iOS and iPhone, it’s one and the same way to do.

Same steps are gone for Android iOS are the same on iphone. open your WhatsApp on iPhone go on settings, select account and scroll down and click on delete on my account.

The same warning page on Android, showing what will happen after deleting the WhatsApp account.

If you want to proceed deleting WhatsApp account enter your phone number with the country code and tap on delete my account button and your WhatsApp account gone forever and ever.

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