Best Droid VPN Settings for Netone 2023

High Speed Droid VPN Settings For Netone

Hello today I’m going to show you  high speed Droid VPN settings Netone, through using droid VPN application.

I am going to show you how to sit your Droid VPN settings on droid application, it is easy and simple steps to take.

I’m going to take you step by step on this article how to create VPN account maybe sometimes you want to upgrade your Droid vpn account.

To set high speed droid VPN settings there is little requirements you need to have I listed this requirements below:

  1. Droid vpn APK.
  2. Droid vpn free account.
  3. Sim card
  4. 4G network smart phone
  5. High speed droid VPN settings

Am here to help you each every on how to set this settings if you have problem please let me know am there to help you.

If you have been happy by using this droid VPN settings please you can up grade your your account to premium account which starts at $4.99.

This can increase the level of high connectivity, this are monthly installments, and your certified.

High speed droid vpn settings

Maybe you  have used Droid vpn settings now I’m going to show you high speed Droid vpn settings for Netone 2023.

Droid VPN Settings it up-to-date time to time so that they meet the standard and to create high user friendly.

Droid vpn is the same like others VPN, stark VPN configuration reload, Open VPN settings when you have use one of this o need to worry.

No skills needed to set high speed droid VPN settings, it’s just pick and drop only, it take you less than a minute to set your VPN.

How to download droid APK?

As everyone is to generate it’s applications  though AI tools, so please don’t use modified application it causes some problems.

Some of people they can create APK that’s can collect your personal data and use it with out your concern, make sure you are using right app.

There’s only two methods that’s you can get your safe droid VPN APK, am going to show this two methods step by step.

Click the download button below and get your safe driod VPN APK , follow every step until you download latest droid vpn APK to your phone.

When you download your file into your device go files and click downloads now you have to install your droid vpn APK.

Now when you install your app your free to go and enter your settings and get free internet from droid vpn settings for Netone 2023.

Second to google play store with any Smart phone device search droid vpn APK and click the app link.

This way it download and install in the same way, need to install again,  you start to enter your settings.

How to create Droid vpn account.

You can’t get free data or access droid vpn without this account. No need to pay for this account, you can create your own account.

To create Droid vpn account you need to have an email the good an fast email is Gmail even any.

Start creating droid vpn Account

Am goin to show you simple steps to take to create your own droid VPN account to get free internet for Netone:


  1. Create your email or you can the one you already have.
  2. Go to on your browser.
  3. Click sing up on top far right of the page.
  4. It open sign up form
  5. Enter your username
  6. Enter your password
  7. Enter your email
  8. Click on recaptcha to a sure you are not a robot.
  9. Click sign to create your account.
  10. You get notification to email and go, click the the link and activate your account for free

When you create droid free account and activate it you given 200 MB free for 365 days and at 24 hour day , this done automatically with out request.

Login your account and activate 100 MB to make it 300 MB, it’s not automatically but you activate each day you log into your account.

And remember that this free droid VPN account it’s for time use, you can’t login on two divorces one account same time.

2023 Droid VPN configuration files

Download droid vpn configuration files for 2023 that you used everywhere around this globe it’s free to download.

These configuration fails they give you access to free internet around the world, you don’t need to add anything.

Even if you don’t have any computer skill or programming skill you can download and configure your droid settings.

If you are facing challenges on downloading this config files for High Speed unlimited droid VPN settings for Network, please let me know.

You can also check on how to download in config please configuration settings for droid VPN. It takes the simple step to config your driod VPN.

We have compelled the Droid VPN configuration files listed below click and download for free if you need any help please let me know.

Configuration files for Droid VPN settings 2023

This is the list of Droid config files, to configure  your droid vpn to download this files below click the button and download.

Droid VPN high speed settings

Hie once again l have come with high speed droid vpn settings for unlimited,so am taking you step by step how to set your settings.

This settings are well proved and verified and it work correctly with any issues on it.

Many if devices they use this droid vpn settings unlimited data, it works with any device mostly 4G network devices.

Am here for any issue you have faced on this article just comment with your devices type and your nation, so will find the solution.

At first you should download the latest updated Droid VPN APK version by click down or by clicking the download button.

May you have already have installed latest droid VPN settings version in devices clear the data and start are fresh.

  1. How to refresh your Droid vpn apk?
  2. Open your devices,go to settings.
  3. Click on apps.
  4. Click on manage apps.
  5. Select droid vpn app.
  6. select storage and then clear all the data.

Now go back to your Droid vpn APK and open an now you have already created your droid vpn account.

Check the left side of the app and you will find settings and select it.

Now am show you steps by steps how to set your high speed Droid VPN unlimited settings for Netone 2023.

Scroll down and select HTTP and TCP this allow you to configure your HTTP headers and TCP post .

Remote TCP port  = 443. Local TCP port =  65000.

Now on HTTP headers on TCP click on .

Configure HTTP headers. On URL enter your ISP eg or

Extra headers : online host user Agent Keep Alive click all this.

Genarated , validate and save.

Enable proxy ✓

Proxy sever ✓

Proxy Type:  HTTPS (Connect).

On Proxy Host either one of this:;;

Proxy port: 1080 or 8080.

Now return to settings of VPN and turn on the following: Use VPN service API Enable compression Ran as root.


Hope is thus article is helpful to you when you get useful  information or any please right back to us



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