Best Things You Need to Know About WhatsApp in 2023

WhatsApp Best Things You Need to Know  in 2023, make best social platform that provide instant messages global using mobile devices or computers.

It is more than 5 billion download over a month and almost 2 billion uses every day come according to statistics in this world 2 third of people have WhatsApp.

Now I’m going to give you something you need to know about WhatsApp, like the founder WhatsApp or what are the uses of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp?

This is the social platform that provide instant messaging through application. And it is a globally used.

It is more than 3 billion uses around the globe almost a month and 2 billion everyday used by users.

Because of coming of new technology people have moved from text message to instant messaging globally.

The use of smart device has increased every day, thus make WhatsApp you use the across the major devices like Android devices iPhone device or even black berry.


What’s up is upgrading everyday now you can call or make a video messages, instant messages. Group chats, end to end encryption,video and pictures messages.

WhatsApp is the best app because it doesn’t have subscription, its free to download and it allows the use of wifi and data plan of network

What is whatsapp used for?

It has main reason why using Whatsapp and as you know WhatsApp is the international instant message platform.

It can be used for business purpose to communicate fast through instant messages, while you can use video calling on conference talking to customers direct.

You held you meeting through this great app, and  you advertising your brands  through this platforms.

Most percentage of users they use this platform to communicate with friends and firmly, to keep in touch every.

Best advantage is thay you can communicate with with friends and family even far away from you, no matter the distance it can cover it .

Who owns WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is owned by meta which owned by Mak Zuckerberg

WhatsApp founded on 2009 by real founder Brian Acton and Jan Koum after he left his job at yahoo. By 2014 WhatsApp join Facebook  but never change it remains the same.

Now whatsApp in meta group with Facebook, Instagram that owned by Mak Zuckerberg

How to backup whatsapp?

To back up your WhatsApp messages it is very simple process to take when you download the original WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

Back up whatsApp messages using keep WhatsApp on Google drive it is impossible because it is the modified application that abandoned by Google.

I’m going to show you how to pick up your WhatsApp using Google drive this is the safe place to store your back up.

To use Google drive you need to have a Gmail account so that you look in, Google drive in the Gmail one of the same thing.

You can set your backup when you are installing your application, is the  fastest way to before start.

Let me show you how to set your for backup;

First open your WhatsApp go to settings click on chats :

WhatsApp backup

When you click on chats it direct to this page, where you can get backup. Click back up and it start to backup automatically.

Backup Whatsapp

How to add a contact on whatsapp

To end the contact in WhatsApp it’s very easy process to do when you have downloaded what happened in store into the device.

And you’ve already have contacts in your device , WhatsApp can scrutinize the contacts and seve on  WhatsApp.

Please say you want to eat a new contact on WhatsApp you go to WhatsApp and open the contact option as follows below:

Save contact WhatsApp

When you open your contacts you will see new contact on the top of the page click and it’s directed with this page as below:


No you end up the new name of your contact you what you want to add end the new number then you click save which is wounded top of the page it takes sign.

No we have successfully add your new contact on WhatsApp, when you did not find the number you can refresh your whatsapp and check again.

why do people use whatsapp

How do you know if someone blocked you on whatsapp?

To know someone have block you, it’s not easy to get but now I want to give you some signs and symptoms that you can see you have been blocked.

When you fail to see someone’s profile it means sometimes they’ve been blocked but it’s not really sure mean that.

Second way is when you see your texting message is marking only once showing that you are not delivered means sometimes your blocked by the user.

Some people they say when you make a call when it can’t go through your blocked that is not true even your blocked or not a call can go through but not answered.

And you never no longer see if the  user a chat online again, it is just showed the blank so sometimes even blocked.

If you are admin for other groups you can’t add the number to the group, but if you have already said same group you can see the messages but you can’t chat privately



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